Let us suppose you’ve got an amazing-looking property with a well-maintained and beautiful garden. Of course, your main concern is probably how you will maintain this gorgeous appearance for a longer period.  

You can make things simpler for you if you know a bit of lawn care. However, hiring a professional lawn care company to handle your lawn and garden landscaping needs will help you achieve long-lasting results. Luckily, lawn care tasks every week such as weeding, watering, and mowing can be done without the help of a professional. 

On the other hand, a couple of other tasks will require professional attention. One great example is fertilization. 

You may believe that it’s one of the simplest tasks to perform on your lawn. However, it is ideal to be wary about it considering the problems that can arise from improperly applying fertilizer. Here are several things you have to think about first: 

Work with a Lawn Maintenance Schedule 

A schedule is a type of organization system that helps your lawn care tasks be more professional and organized. With a schedule or calendar, you’ll be able to know what you’ve got to do and get to it on time and straightforward.  

You’ll find this tip extremely helpful if you want to apply fertilizer properly. 

Go Organic 

Think about going for organic fertilizer. They are less strong and are as successful as synthetic fertilizers on your lawn. Some of the most popular options for organic fertilizer include the use of grass clippings, mulching, and composting on the lawn to naturally enrich it.  

You can replenish easily your lawn with a rich source of nitrogen using a mulch-mower by reintroducing grass clippings back to the lawn. If you’re trying to compost, you’ve got to guarantee that the soil is aerated properly before you introduce the compost.  

Choose the Right Kind of Fertilizer 

There are different available fertilizers that help enrich the lawn to look good and grow properly. However, you have to ensure that your lawn is lacking in particular compounds before you enrich the soil with fertilizers that contain the said compounds.  

Potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen are the elements required by your grass to properly grow. These elements are also included in fertilizers. That’s why you have to properly apply it. Under-application is as risky as over-application. It is ideal that you hire a professional lawn care company to manage the process of fertilizer application.  

What Types of Grass You Have? 

It is vital to know the type of grass growing on your lawn before you think about using fertilizers. Different species of grass need fertilizer boosters at various times during the lawn growing season. 

Warm-season grasses such as Buffalo grass, St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Bermuda all have their peak growing periods during the hot months. Because of this, you have to apply fertilizer around April or May for optimal results. Cool-season grasses need fertilization around October. This will help them prepare for the upcoming cold weather. You have to keep this one in mind.