Common Electrical Mistakes at Home You Should Prevent

Here is a list of common electrical mistakes at home that are usually done by DIY enthusiasts. Sadly, not only do these errors endanger your electrical system itself, but they potentially cause an electrocution risk or a possible fire hazard as well. So, you need to be careful. To know what are these, keep on reading below:  


Use wrong wires  

Utilizing the wrong wire for the situation is one of the causes of electrical issues. For example, selecting too small a gauge for the amperage of the circuit, utilizing indoor wire for outdoor application, or pulling the incorrect wire type through a conduit. Here, you will get the risk of possible wiring damage, overheating, or short circuits.   

Reversed polarity  

Revering the neutral and the hot electrical wire is perhaps the most hazardous among all typical electrical mistakes at home. Reversed polarity can harm your electronics and potentially poses the danger of fatal and extreme electric shock. A certified electrician knows how to wire the fixtures, outlets, and switches properly to guarantee that this won’t take place.   

Unsafe outlets  

Outlets and electrical receptacles should be attached firmly. When it’s installed poorly, outlets usually move, which can lead to electrical arcing that can be a major fire hazard. When outlets have electrical arcs and shorts, it can damage whatever is plugged into them as well.  

Incorrect junction box  

A plastic or steel junction box must be used when adding a new light fixture. As a matter of fact, anywhere an electrical connection is created, it should be within the right junction box.   

Faulty wire connections  

Faulty wire connections are one of the typical home electrical errors. They may be installed with the incorrect conduit fittings or without a wire nut. When they are metal, then, they are not bonded properly. Loose connections can make it difficult to diagnose electrical connections downstream and can generate electrical shorts.   

Overloading circuits  

Expert electricians are skilled when it comes to testing electric circuits for load capacity to prevent them from overloading. On the other hand, amateurs will usually keep on putting plugs onto a specific circuit, which can be unsafe and may go beyond the standard rating 15-amp breaker and 14-2 wire.   

Failing to install GCFI  

GFCI outlets are intended as a shock protector. This is mostly recommended to be placed in all areas near the earth and/or water, such as outdoors, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. GFCI outlet installation cab is tricky as it involves 2 terminals sets. If an amateur will do this, the terminals can simply be connected backward. As a result, shock protection will be useless.   

Improper bonding/grounding  

One of the vital steps to guarantee that your home electrical system is secured is grounding. Essentially, a ground wire can harmlessly transport electrical surges into the earth. Bonding involves linking electrically conductive tools to the system ground. If not for this, you’ll potentially be at risk of failing your breaker to trip once you experience short circuits at your home. Expert Atlanta commercial electrical contractors are well-versed about this but most property owners don’t.  


Reasons to Build Your Dream Home

The choice to construct a custom house provides you with a lot of benefits over buying a pre-built one. One of the most popular reasons is that you’ve got the ability to make all of the design choices for your custom house.  

In addition to that, building your dream house will allow you to create a property that is uniquely yours and build memories with your family that will last for generations.  

Today, we’re going to share with you several reasons why you should build your dream home. If you’re convinced, make sure you hire architects in Orange County for help. 

Hire the Right Contractor 

Not only do you get to choose how your home is planned as well as what goes into it, but you also get to pick your contractor. Without cutting corners, the appropriate builders and contractors will construct a high-quality construction. They will keep you updated on the construction process at all times. 

The process of building a custom home sometimes appears long and drawn out, but the end result is well worth the wait. When you collaborate with the proper builder and have complete control over the project. As a consequence, you’ll have a high-quality home that represents your own taste. 

The Quality You Want 

You pick whatever brands to put in your home because you are the one who makes the decisions. If you believe one appliance brand is superior to another, it may influence your choice of refrigerator, washer, and dryer.  

You have the freedom to choose which cabinet contractor you wish to work with and which carpet brand to employ in your home. Have the brands you want to decorate your home with the quality you want. 

Style That Fits You 

When you buy a pre-built home, your only option is to make do with what you have and try to express your own style on it. When you decide to create a custom house, you have the option of choosing rustic, modern, or other styles that suits your preferences. You can choose between cherry cabinets or glass-front cabinets. It is entirely up to you whether you want marble or granite countertops. 

Flooring can be tile, wood, or carpet from the start, saving time and money over a retrofit in a pre-built home. Each color and material decision are yours to choose. Visitors will be greeted by your personal style when you return home to an environment that is exactly what you want. 

Get the Correct Design 

Purchasing a pre-built home necessitates planning your life around it and making compromises on the property’s design. Sometimes there is extra or inconvenient space that is seldom used. You might discover that you require a function that the house does not have. You can pick a design and layout that works for you and your loved ones when you’re in command of the design process. 

Because of these reasons, it is always a lot better to build a custom house instead of buying a pre-built one. However, it still depends on you.